About the membership of the Georgian Biopharmaceutical Cluster

The Member of The Georgian Biopharmaceutical Cluster, can be an entrepreneur or a person who is related to pharmaceutical activity, is a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceuticals.

Business supporting and public organizations, educational and research institutions, as well as laboratories can also join If they share the goals of the biopharmaceutical cluster and contribute to the achievement of the cluster's goals.

cluster members will be able to use the following services:

  • Participation in training and personal coaching sessions organized by the cluster;
  • Participation in meetings, scientific events, conferences, and other activities;
  • Access to information about the research of target export markets carried out by the cluster;
  • promoting public-private dialogue, the possibility of involving the sector in the direction of policies, strategies, and support programs;
  • Participation in relevant activities in working groups;
  • Supporting relationships between the cluster members;
  • Participation in collective representation before state structures, investors, donors, and non-governmental organizations in support of the cluster and its members;
  •  Access to updated information about changes in legislation and regulations;
  • Assistance in finding and contacting suppliers, potential investors, and interested persons both inside and outside of Georgia.
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