The Vision of the Georgian Biopharmaceutical Cluster is to become one of the major pharmaceutical clusters in the world and establish leadership in the production of bacteriophages and herbal pharmaceuticals build on the extensive know-how and experience of the Georgian R&D and private sector capacity and ultimately deliver benefits to the world through innovative and organic products.


Georgian Biopharmaceutical Cluster aims to stimulate synergy by uniting the manufacturers of Bacteriophages and Herbal Medicines in Georgia under the umbrella of shared aims and objectives, directing the effort and the attention of the cluster towards working together to resolve common challenges on matters of mutual interest, such as compliance with state regulations, the establishment of quality manufacturing standards, gaining access to international knowledge and best practice, the attraction of investment, exploration of export markets, gaining access to high-value markets and others. 

The main objectives of the GPhC are:

  • To become an active cluster for the manufacturers and sellers of Bacteriophages and Herbal Medicines, working in pursuit of achieving industry development, greater competitiveness,  social and economic sustainability for the sector by supporting production capacity expansion, tbilisi market diversification, the facilitation of inter-member networking and collaboration, and knowledge sharing.
  • Work to improve the interaction, cooperation and coordination between the members, in order to develop and strengthen the cluster and effectively implement the joint projects for its members.
  • Work to promote the interests of the cluster and accordingly, of its members.
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